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Commit d679f19f authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg

Re-add DBusTest to verify if build ci move to Qt5.10 fixes this issue

parent d1e18d9d
......@@ -17,19 +17,12 @@ ecm_mark_nongui_executable(CharacterWidthTest)
add_test(CharacterWidthTest CharacterWidthTest)
target_link_libraries(CharacterWidthTest ${KONSOLE_TEST_LIBS})
# This test fails on kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.9 buildbot since Oct 28, 2018
# Believed due to frameworks regession; disable to avoid sysadmins having
# to fix for every build
if (0)
add_executable(DBusTest DBusTest.cpp)
add_test(DBusTest DBusTest)
target_link_libraries(DBusTest ${KONSOLE_TEST_LIBS} Qt5::DBus)
add_executable(HistoryTest HistoryTest.cpp)
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