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Commit e67dfac0 authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg

simplify : !A || (A && B) is equivalent to !A || B

parent 2a2716e6
......@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ bool EditProfileDialog::isValidProfileName()
QFileInfo fileInfo(_profile->path());
if (fileInfo.exists() && !fileInfo.isWritable()) {
if (!_tempProfile->isPropertySet(Profile::Name)
|| (_tempProfile->isPropertySet(Profile::Name) && _tempProfile->name() == _profile->name())) {
|| (_tempProfile->name() == _profile->name())) {
i18n("<p>Konsole does not have permission to save this profile to:<br /> \"%1\"</p>"
"<p>To be able to save settings you can either change the permissions "
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