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<releaseinfo>Applications 20.08</releaseinfo>
<abstract><para>&konsole; is &kde;'s terminal emulator.</para></abstract>
......@@ -1001,13 +1001,16 @@ Notifications...</guimenuitem></menuchoice></term>
Using the <guilabel>Tab Bar</guilabel> page you can configure the visibility and
Using the <guilabel>Tab Bar/Splitters</guilabel> page you can configure the visibility and
placement of tab bar, define tabs behavior and fine-tune the tab buttons options. It is possible to configure if you want to
<guilabel>Show 'New Tab' button</guilabel> and <guilabel>Expand individual tab widths to full window</guilabel>
or configure <guilabel>Use user-defined stylesheet</guilabel>. The <guilabel>Behavior</guilabel> tab can
be used to define the place for the new tabs (<guilabel>At the end</guilabel> or <guilabel>After current tab</guilabel>)
and closing of tabs with a &MMB; click.
It is also possible to configure visibility of the split headers (<guilabel>When needed</guilabel> (default), <guilabel>Always</guilabel>, or <guilabel>Never</guilabel>) and define the drag handle size for splits (<guilabel>Small</guilabel> (default), <guilabel>Medium</guilabel>, or <guilabel>Large</guilabel>) using the <guilabel>Splits</guilabel> tab of this configuration page.
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