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......@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ Please get the permission to post ahead of time.
The changes you made in `kde-dev-scripts` needs to be pushed to the master branch.
Example commit for [v2.7.1](
Example commit for [v2.7.1](sdk/kde-dev-scripts@61fced5c).
### Check if bugzilla is updated accordingly
......@@ -248,4 +248,4 @@ Example commit for [v2.7.1](
Since `stable` contains changes not present in `master` (ChangeLog and documentation changes at least), you need to deliver them to the `master` branch. Merge your vX.Y.Z tag into the branch and resolve conflicts in places where version specified. Keep Krusader version that is in `master` during the conflict resolution.
Example merge for [v2.7.1](
Example merge for [v2.7.1](8d5946a1).
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