1. 18 Mar, 2016 1 commit
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      Solve the problem of Libreoffice not being launched when the user utilizes the... · d51f0d7b
      Toni Asensi Esteve authored
      Solve the problem of Libreoffice not being launched when the user utilizes the "browse archives as directories" mode and double clicks (or presses Enter) on a .odt file, other cases using other kinds of files. Solve a bug searching inside 7z files.
      REVIEW: 127369
      There was the problem of Krusader not launching e.g. Libreoffice when the user utilized the "browse archives as directories" mode and double clicked (or pressed Enter) on a .ods file (because it was really a .zip file, as it happened in other cases). The function
          // returns true if the right unpacker exist in the system
          KRarcHandler::arcSupported(QString type)
      was improved (it has to be improved anyway) and is used so e.g. an .ods file will not be browsed because KRarcHandler::arcSupported() returns false in the case of an .ods file.
      Krusader users, in the "browse archives as directories" mode, were also enabled to browse .odt, .docx, .iso, .ods, .xlsx, etc. files using:
          - in the detailed view: the right arrow key, or the "Browse" action available when pressing the secondary button of the mouse.
          - in the brief view: the "Browse" action available when pressing the secondary button of the mouse.
      Note: In the "browse archives as directories" mode the forementioned "Browse" action does not appear in the case of e.g. a zip file because there's already an "Open" action that accomplishes that objective.
      With those changes one bug was also solved: if e.g. a 7z archive contains a file named "a.txt", the user opens the search tool of Krusader, he specifies that he wants to search for the file "a.txt", he enables the "Search in archives" checkbox, and he clicks on the "Search button" -> now the "a.txt" file is found inside the 7z archive.
      Tests done: Browsed zip, rar, tar, tar.bz2, tar.gz, tar.xz, 7z, odt, docx, iso, ods and xlsx files in Krusader, and opened them externally, using combinations of: the detailed view or the brief view, the right arrow key or the primary button of the mouse (in some cases that action launched an external program) or the secondary button of the mouse (its option "Open" or its option "Browse" when it was available), and having the option "browse archives as directories" enabled or disabled.
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      Fix panel profile saving/loading · ff5f43ea
      Simon Persson authored
      Another regression from KUrl -> QUrl porting. I don't have a strong
      preference if the URL should have the "file://" part removed in case it's
      a local file... in this case I chose to keep it, just makes the source
      easier to read.
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      Change many icons used from krusader-specific to system standard icons · 3801a39e
      Simon Persson authored
      Most of the work (the hard part of finding suitable alternative) was done
      by Andreas Kainz <kainz.a@gmail.com>. Thank you Andreas!
      The only change to his work was to use "user-identity" instead of
      "user-properties" as a replacement for "kr_profile". This is because the
      identity icon was already used for panel profile selection (in the Window
      menu) and I think it is suitable.
      In addition to his work I also replaced "zoom-original" with
      "document-preview" and "edit" with "document-edit" for the KrViewer.
      And then of course remove all the icon files which are no longer used.
      The remaining icons installed by krusader will have replacement icons in
      the "breeze" and "oxygen" icon set. But they are not in any standard so
      any other icon theme is unlikely to have them, we still install them as
      fallback icons.
      REVIEW: 124958
  19. 28 Aug, 2015 4 commits
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      Revert "changed icons installation path" · 4b69dda1
      Pino Toscano authored
      This reverts commit 8b8aa87b.
      Never ever have applications install own actions/status/etc icons
      (i.e. anything different than the application own icon, and icons of
      needed mimetypes) in the global icon theme, especially if hicolor.
      Doing so:
      - pollutes the global hicolor theme for *all* the installed application
      - increases the risk for actual file conflicts (e.g. two applications
        trying to install the same action icon)
      - allow the silent abuse of (private) icons installed with an
        application by other applications
      For this reasons, own action icons of krusader should go better in the
      private datadir of krusader, as hicolor; versions of those icons
      provided by icon themes will override them anyway (and if they do not,
      the Qt5 icon loading system is broken).
      CCMAIL: davide@gengisdave.org
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      Make use of kr_comparedirs icon · fb1748f7
      Simon Persson authored
      It was removed in previous commit since it was not in use. But then I
      noticed that it had been added to breeze icon theme. And I agree that
      it is a better icon than the view-split icon.
      So, add back the .PNGs (installed as a fallback if user's chosen icon
      theme does not have it) and make use of it.
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      Remove icons that are actually never used · 2918d7e5
      Simon Persson authored
      Searching the sources I could not find any reference to these icons at all.
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      SVN_SILENT made messages (after extraction) · 46bf9414
      Script Kiddy authored
  20. 27 Aug, 2015 1 commit
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      changed icons installation path · 8b8aa87b
      Davide Gianforte authored
      all icons are now installed using {ICONS_INSTALL_DIR} which is /usr/share/icons by default
      this way will become easier to deploy an icon theme that introduces some new krusader icon (the krusader default behaviour is to look first in the theme icons)
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