Commit 12f1d65f authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella

Fix text centering in header

parent 18ed8754
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ Kirigami.Page
case JourneySection.Walking: return walking
case JourneySection.Waiting: return waiting
case JourneySection.Transfer: return transfer
default: return card
default: return cardComponent
property var theData: model.modelData
......@@ -77,10 +77,10 @@ Kirigami.Page
Component {
id: card
id: cardComponent
Kirigami.AbstractCard {
id: root
id: cardDelegate
header: Rectangle {
id: headerBackground
......@@ -88,16 +88,16 @@ Kirigami.Page
Kirigami.Theme.inherit: false
color: Kirigami.Theme.backgroundColor
implicitHeight: headerLabel.implicitHeight + Kirigami.Units.largeSpacing * 2
anchors.leftMargin: -root.leftPadding
anchors.topMargin: -root.topPadding
anchors.rightMargin: -root.rightPadding
anchors.leftMargin: -cardDelegate.leftPadding
anchors.topMargin: -cardDelegate.topPadding
anchors.rightMargin: -cardDelegate.rightPadding
Label {
id: headerLabel
anchors.fill: parent
anchors.margins: Kirigami.Units.largeSpacing
font.pointSize: Kirigami.Theme.defaultFont.pointSize * root.headerFontScale
Layout.fillWidth: true
anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
anchors.left: parent.left
anchors.leftMargin: Kirigami.Units.largeSpacing
font.pointSize: Kirigami.Theme.defaultFont.pointSize * cardDelegate.headerFontScale
font.strikeout: theData.disruptionEffect == Disruption.NoService
color: theData.disruptionEffect == Disruption.NoService ? "red" : Kirigami.Theme.textColor
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