Commit 0a7279fc authored by Burkhard Lück's avatar Burkhard Lück
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Fix wrong path to existing wallet files

the wallet files *.kwl + *.salt are located in a subdir "/kwalletd/" in QStandardPaths::GenericDataLocation
kwalletmanager.cpp:390:    const QString path = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::GenericDataLocation) + "/kwalletd/";
kwalletmanager.cpp:420:    const QString destinationDir = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::GenericDataLocation) + "/kwalletd/";

But the code in konfigurator.cpp used QStandardPaths::DataLocation) + "/kwallet/" therefore existing wallet files were not found
and the config entries "Auto Allow" and "Auto Deny" were always deleted
With the patch the config entries "Auto Allow" and "Auto Deny" are preserved in kwalletrc
parent a62b6227
......@@ -228,8 +228,8 @@ void KWalletConfig::load()
QString walletName = *i;
// perform cleanup in the kwalletrc file, by removing entries that correspond to non-existent
// (previously deleted, for example) wallets
QString path = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DataLocation);
QString path = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::GenericDataLocation);
if (!QFile::exists(path)) {
// if the wallet no longer exists, delete the entries from the configuration file and skip to next entry
KConfigGroup cfgAllow = KSharedConfig::openConfig("kwalletrc")->group("Auto Allow");
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