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"QFontDatabase::FixedFont" instead of "Monospace"

File src/manager/walletwidget.ui specified font "Monospace" to use
when showing passwords. However, in case there is a font called
"Monospace" installed on the system, this font will be used instead
of the default/system fixed-width font.

If the "Monospace" font is broken or rendered incorrectly, passwords
cannot be read from within the wallet manager.

To fix this problem, this commit adds a line in the corresponding
C++ code in file src/manager/kwalleteditor.cpp which sets a fixed font
by invoking setFont(QFontDatabase::systemFont(QFontDatabase::FixedFont))
which uses the fixed-width font as configured by the user.

Differential Revision:
parent c20ab5b9
......@@ -137,6 +137,8 @@ KWalletEditor::KWalletEditor(QWidget *parent, const QString &name)
connect(_showContents, &QToolButton::clicked, this, &KWalletEditor::showPasswordContents);
connect(_hideContents, &QToolButton::clicked, this, &KWalletEditor::hidePasswordContents);
// createActions();
// TODO: remove kwalleteditor.rc file
......@@ -169,11 +169,6 @@
<widget class="QTextEdit" name="_passwordValue">
<property name="font">
<property name="acceptRichText">
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