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Commit cfcec50d authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Minor optimization

parent c65f4a2a
......@@ -1190,12 +1190,12 @@ void KWalletEditor::exportXML()
xml.writeAttribute(QStringLiteral("name"), _walletName);
for (QStringList::const_iterator i = fl.constBegin(); i != fl.constEnd(); ++i) {
for (QStringList::const_iterator i = fl.constBegin(), flEnd(fl.constEnd()); i != flEnd; ++i) {
xml.writeAttribute(QStringLiteral("name"), *i);
QStringList entries = _w->entryList();
for (QStringList::const_iterator j = entries.constBegin(); j != entries.constEnd(); ++j) {
for (QStringList::const_iterator j = entries.constBegin(), entriesEnd(entries.constEnd()); j != entriesEnd; ++j) {
switch (_w->entryType(*j)) {
case KWallet::Wallet::Password: {
QString pass;
......@@ -1222,7 +1222,7 @@ void KWalletEditor::exportXML()
if (_w->readMap(*j, map) == 0) {
xml.writeAttribute(QStringLiteral("name"), *j);
for (QMap<QString, QString>::ConstIterator k = map.constBegin(); k != map.constEnd(); ++k) {
for (QMap<QString, QString>::ConstIterator k = map.constBegin(), mapEnd(map.constEnd()); k != mapEnd; ++k) {
xml.writeAttribute(QStringLiteral("name"), k.key());
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