Commit a003c93c authored by Guilherme Marçal Silva's avatar Guilherme Marçal Silva
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Add keywords to print manager to improve search

parent 25d47cd8
...@@ -119,3 +119,4 @@ Comment[uk]=Налаштування ваших принтерів ...@@ -119,3 +119,4 @@ Comment[uk]=Налаштування ваших принтерів
Comment[x-test]=xxConfigure your printersxx Comment[x-test]=xxConfigure your printersxx
Comment[zh_CN]=配置打印机 Comment[zh_CN]=配置打印机
Comment[zh_TW]=設定您的印表機 Comment[zh_TW]=設定您的印表機
X-KDE-Keywords=printers,print,paper,cups,ink,printing,impression,remote printer,internet printer,network printer,ipps,hp jetdirect,ldp,ldr,cups-brf,cups brf,virtual braille brf printer,share printer
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