Commit b2ee55f5 authored by Eike Hein's avatar Eike Hein
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Trailing whitespace cleanup. SVN_SILENT

svn path=/trunk/extragear/utils/yakuake/; revision=945597
parent 8e7c36ce
......@@ -108,9 +108,9 @@ class TabBar : public QWidget
void updateMoveActions(int index);
void updateToggleActions(int index);
int drawButton(int x, int y, int index, QPainter& painter);
void startDrag(int index);
void drawDropIndicator(int index, bool disabled = false);
int dropIndex(const QPoint pos);
......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ class TabBar : public QWidget
int m_mousePressed;
int m_mousePressedIndex;
QPoint m_startPos;
QLabel* m_dropIndicator;
QRect m_dropRect;
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