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    • Bharadwaj Raju's avatar
      Fix Yakuake icon appearing in taskbar through Qt::Tool window flag · 9202df97
      Bharadwaj Raju authored
      So far we've been setting _NET_WM_STATE_SKIP_TASKBAR ourselves, but
      Qt messes with this, leading to race conditions where it still
      appears in the taskbar. This sets the Qt::Tool window flag, which
      will set it via Qt itself, and won't be clobbered. An old hack has
      been removed, as it isn't needed anymore.
      Also makes show animation match retract animation.
      BUG: 360037
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    • Alexander Lohnau's avatar
      Rework deletion of Yakuake skins · cf45e112
      Alexander Lohnau authored
      - Remove usage of DownloadManager
      - Use RemoveDeadEntries option, otherwise removed/invalid entries would still show up as installed
      - Allow deletion of KNS entries, with the mentioned option set KNS will realize that the
      entries were manually uninstalled. It also more intuitive to click the remove button
      instead of the "Get New..." button if you want to uninstall entries.
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    • Mario Aichinger's avatar
      Add ability to hide titlebar · 27d05a1d
      Mario Aichinger authored
      # This MR adds the option to hide the title bar to provide a seamless visual effect.
      ## Changes
      To facilitate this change the borders also got an option to be hidden:
      *Note:* The bottom border also moved from the skins background to `MainWindow::paintEvent`. The color and width are following the specification provided by the skin.
      ## Safeguards
      To warn the user that they are about to hide the title bar, which is (when no tray icon is displayed) the only option to access the settings (besides from to the user maybe not known keyboard shortcut) and re-show the title bar, a dialog opens when the user presses the shortcut (default: Ctrl+Shift+m following konsole's model) or is about change the setting in the settings window (red circle): ![image](https://invent.kde.org/utilities/yakuake/uploads/2e57d8eea7e5b3fc28cd64c25a219332/image.png) *Note: in this screen shot a border (yellow circles) at the bottom of the terminal is still present, this is because the skin gets loaded from the systems installation and not the development directory. This border is not part of the skin anymore. Also note that the windows on my desktop have no borders, this is a personal choice and does not affect other users.*
      Choosing to not display on of the dialog anymore (checking the "Don't show this message again" checkbox) hides the dialog in both places. If the dialog is triggered by the keyboard shortcut, rejecting the dialog will keep the title bar visible. If the dialog is triggered by checking the checkbox in the settings window and the user rejects the dialog the checkbox is reset to unchecked.
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