Commit 30ace243 authored by Maximilian Schiller's avatar Maximilian Schiller Committed by Nicolas Fella
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Show a warning notification if Konsole is outdated

Show a warning popup if yakuake detects that the konsolepart
didn't return a TerminalInterfaceV2. Which most likely happens if
konsole is outdated.

BUG: 422187
parent 481f39fb
......@@ -102,6 +102,11 @@ Terminal::Terminal(const QString& workingDir, QWidget* parent) : QObject(parent)
m_terminalInterface = qobject_cast<TerminalInterfaceV2*>(m_part);
if (!m_terminalInterface) {
qFatal("Version of Konsole is outdated. Konsole didn't return a valid TerminalInterfaceV2.");
bool startInWorkingDir = m_terminalInterface->profileProperty(QStringLiteral("StartInCurrentSessionDir")).toBool();
if (startInWorkingDir && !workingDir.isEmpty()) {
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