Commit df1e7230 authored by Maximilian Schiller's avatar Maximilian Schiller
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Fix yakuake not opening on multimonitor setups

Fixes yakuake not opening on one monitor when the panel is located on an edge
between two monitors.

This patch corrects the ExtendedStruct calculations and then checks if
not only the strut intersects with the current monitor but also the
window frame. If the strut intersects but the window frame does not that
window is most likely some king of panel located on an edge between the current
and the next screen. With this patch those struts and windows will now be
parent 4f8d7528
......@@ -1473,7 +1473,8 @@ QRect MainWindow::getDesktopGeometry()
if (KWindowSystem::hasWId(windowId))
KWindowInfo windowInfo = KWindowInfo(windowId, NET::WMDesktop, NET::WM2ExtendedStrut);
KWindowInfo windowInfo = KWindowInfo(windowId, NET::WMDesktop | NET::WMGeometry,
// If windowInfo is valid and the window is located at the same (current)
// desktop with the yakuake window...
......@@ -1485,19 +1486,23 @@ QRect MainWindow::getDesktopGeometry()
QRect topStrut(strut.top_start, 0, strut.top_end - strut.top_start, strut.top_width);
QRect bottomStrut(strut.bottom_start, screenGeometry.bottom() - strut.bottom_width,
strut.bottom_end - strut.bottom_start, strut.bottom_width);
QRect leftStrut(0, strut.left_width, strut.left_start, strut.left_end - strut.left_start);
QRect leftStrut(0, strut.left_start, strut.left_width, strut.left_end - strut.left_start);
QRect rightStrut(screenGeometry.right() - strut.right_width, strut.right_start,
strut.right_end - strut.right_start, strut.right_width);
strut.right_width, strut.right_end - strut.right_start);
// If the window has no strut, no need to bother further.
if (topStrut.isEmpty() && bottomStrut.isEmpty() && leftStrut.isEmpty() && rightStrut.isEmpty())
// If any of the strut intersects with our screen geometry, it will be correctly handled
// by workArea().
if (topStrut.intersects(screenGeometry) || bottomStrut.intersects(screenGeometry) ||
// If any of the strut and the window itself intersects with our screen geometry,
// it will be correctly handled by workArea(). If the window doesn't intersect
// with our screen geometry it's most likely a plasma panel and can/should be
// ignored
if ((topStrut.intersects(screenGeometry) || bottomStrut.intersects(screenGeometry) ||
leftStrut.intersects(screenGeometry) || rightStrut.intersects(screenGeometry))
&& windowInfo.geometry().intersects(screenGeometry)) {
// This window has a strut on the same desktop as us but which does not cover our screen
// geometry. It should be ignored, otherwise the returned work area will wrongly include
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