Commit 6a09d5ea authored by Peifeng Yu's avatar Peifeng Yu
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KDevMI: minor cleanup in MIDebugJob

parent dd7f1c90
......@@ -114,12 +114,10 @@ void MIDebugJob::start()
KConfigGroup grp = m_launchcfg->config();
QString startWith = grp.readEntry(Config::StartWithEntry, QString("ApplicationOutput"));
if (startWith == "GdbConsole") {
} else if (startWith == "FrameStack") {
} else {
if (startWith == "ApplicationOutput") {
} else {
- [DONE] Correct signal handling commands for lldb
- [DONE] Correct environment variable setting commands for lldb
- [DONE] File bug to lldb-mi that interpreter-exec not properly prefix console output by '~'
+ In MICmdCmdMiscellanous.cpp:CMICmdCmdInterpreterExec::Acknowledge()
- [DONE] Port DebugJob
- [DONE] Port exam core and attach process to KJob
- [DONE] Move DebuggerPlugin to MIDebuggerPlugin
......@@ -18,7 +15,7 @@
- [DONE] Verify MIParser/MILexer can handle output without any stream prefix: no they can't
- Make config options in config page actually working
- [DONE] Make config options in config page actually working
- Clean up tool views
* register views
......@@ -27,10 +24,14 @@
* disassembly widget
* memory view
- Tool views won't showup when start debug session
- Find a way to avoid duplicate tool views for GDB and LLDB plugin
- Remove duplicate breakpoint: look at breakpointController()->setDeleteDuplicateBreakpoints(true)
- Polish debugger console
* [DONE] user command output regarded as internal command
* [DONE] not correctly raised when starting debug
- Handle error sometime with Command 'exec-run'. Invalid process during debug session.
- An unified way to report error
......@@ -38,9 +39,9 @@
- File bug to lldb-mi
* HIGH PRIORITY: -break-insert
+ [SUBMITED] pending breakpoints set with '-f' not got resolved after file loaded
- fix is simple from lldb-mi side but quite difficult from kdevelop side.
maybe should write the patch myself
+ [SUBMITED] pending breakpoints '-f' can only be last flag switch
+ [SUBMITED] create disabled breakpoint with '-d' not working when combined with '-f'
+ -break-enable has no effect
......@@ -57,14 +58,19 @@
* -inferior-tty-set only has dummy implementation
* 'process launch' doesn't provide thread-group-started notification
* sliently stop when attaching to process, which confuses the controller
* sliently stop when request stop at start
* [SUBMITED] sliently stop when request stop at start
* [SUBMITED] [PATCHED] cli output not wrapped in console stream record
* [PATCHED] -data-disassemble start and end address parameter doesn't accept expressions
* -gdb-set not fully implemented
+ environment
+ [PATCHED] disassembly-flavor
+ [SUBMITED] [PATCHED] disassembly-flavor
* -gdb-show not fully implemented
+ [PATCHED] disassembly-flavor
+ [SUBMITED] [PATCHED] disassembly-flavor
* [SUBMITED] -stack-list-locals shows empty list
* File bug to lldb-mi for other missing commands
- Data formatter for lldb
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