Commit 95cd1f55 authored by Peifeng Yu's avatar Peifeng Yu
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LLDB plugin: correctly show output when the user issues a MI command

parent 29359e8d
......@@ -174,7 +174,13 @@ void MIDebugger::processLine(const QByteArray& line)
case MI::Record::Result: {
MI::ResultRecord& result = static_cast<MI::ResultRecord&>(*r);
emit internalCommandOutput(QString::fromUtf8(line) + '\n');
// it's still possible for the user to issue a MI command,
// emit correct signal
if (currentCmd_ && currentCmd_->isUserCommand()) {
emit userCommandOutput(QString::fromUtf8(line) + '\n');
} else {
emit internalCommandOutput(QString::fromUtf8(line) + '\n');
// GDB doc: "running" and "exit" are status codes equivalent to "done"
if (result.reason == "done" || result.reason == "running" || result.reason == "exit")
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