Commit b306b0f7 authored by Daniel Mensinger's avatar Daniel Mensinger Committed by Milian Wolff
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meson: Only configure if necessary

parent 0596b384
......@@ -227,11 +227,15 @@ KJob* MesonManager::createImportJob(ProjectFolderItem* item)
const QList<KJob*> jobs = {
builder()->configure(project), // Make sure the project is configured
AbstractFileManagerPlugin::createImportJob(item), // generate the file system listing
introJob // Load targets from the build directory introspection files
QList<KJob*> jobs;
// Configure the project if necessary
if (m_builder->evaluateBuildDirectory(buildDir.buildDir, buildDir.mesonBackend) != MesonBuilder::MESON_CONFIGURED) {
jobs << builder()->configure(project);
jobs << AbstractFileManagerPlugin::createImportJob(item); // generate the file system listing
jobs << introJob;
auto composite = new ExecuteCompositeJob(this, jobs);
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