Commit ee4a9573 authored by David Nolden's avatar David Nolden
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Adapt to changes in kdevplatform

parent 880cf773
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ QWidget* KDevQmlJsPlugin::specialLanguageObjectNavigationWidget(const QUrl& url,
// if the property key is listed in the supported properties.
QPair<KTextEditor::Range, KTextEditor::Range> property = parseProperty(doc->textDocument()->line(position.line()), position);
if ( property.first.isValid() && property.second.isValid() ) {
Declaration* decl = DUChainUtils::itemUnderCursor(url, property.first.start());
Declaration* decl = DUChainUtils::itemUnderCursor(url, property.first.start()).declaration;
return PropertyPreviewWidget::constructIfPossible(
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