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......@@ -4,38 +4,4 @@ description: Celebrate with us 25 years of awesomeness
weight: 1
- title: Simple by default
text: Plasma is designed to be easy to use.
color: blue
- title: Launcher
laptop: true
src: /content/plasma-desktop/plasma-launcher.png
text: The Plasma Launcher lets you quickly and easily launch applications, but it can do much more -- convenient tasks like bookmarking applications, searching for documents as you type, or navigating to common places help you getting straight to the point. With a history of recently started programs and opened files, you can return to where you left off. It even remembers previously entered search terms so you don't have to.
alt: Screenshot Plasma with the launcher open
- title: System Tray
laptop: true
src: /content/plasma-desktop/plasma-systemtray.png
alt: Screenshot Plasma with the system tray open
text: >
Connect to your WiFi network; change the volume; switch to the next
song or pause a video; access an external device; change the screen
layout. All these and a lot more--directly from the system tray.
To conserve the focus on what you're currently doing, any icon can be
hidden if you like. Inactive icons hide themselves unless you tell
them to stay where they are.
class: bottom-right
- title: Notifications
src: /content/plasma-desktop/plasma-notifications.png
alt: Screenshot Plasma with a notification
laptop: true
text: See active tasks and recent actions; read new e-mails; quickly reply to messages; see track changes or low battery notice; check for updates; interact with recently moved files or screenshots. Or enter "Do Not Disturb" mode to concentrate on your work.
class: bottom-right
- title: Discover
src: /content/plasma-desktop/discover.png
laptop: true
text: Discover lets you manage the applications installed in your computer. Updating, removing or installing an application is only one click away. Supports [Flatpak](, [Snaps]( and the applications available in your Linux distribution.
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