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The Image Split functionality in Krita
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:authors: - Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier <>
:license: GNU free documentation license 1.3 or later.
.. index:: Splitting
.. _image_split:
Image Split
Found under :menuselection:`Image --> Image Split`, the Image Split function allows you to evenly split a document up into several sections. This is useful for splitting up spritesheets for example.
Horizontal Lines
The amount of horizontal lines to split at. 4 lines will mean that the image is split into 5 horizontal stripes.
Vertical Lines
The amount of vertical lines to split at. 4 lines will mean that the image is split into 5 vertical stripes.
.. versionadded:: 4.2
Sort Direction
Whether to number the files using the following directions:
left to right, top to bottom
top to bottom, left to right
The prefix at which the files should be saved at. By default this is the current document name.
File Type
Which file format to save to.
Autosave on split
This will result in all slices being saved automatically using the above prefix. Otherwise Krita will ask the name for each slice.
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ Offset Image
Resize Canvas
Change the canvas size. Don't confuse this with Scale to new size.
Image Split
Splits the image.
Calls up the :ref:`image_split` dialog.
Wavelet Decompose
Does :ref:`wavelet_decompose` on the current layer.
Separate Image
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