Commit 5dde3d70 authored by Agata Cacko's avatar Agata Cacko Committed by Wolthera van Hövell

Add info about Luminosity/Shine SAI to ref manual

This commit adds the dots sample picture and information
how the blending mode is calculated to the Reference Manual.
parent 6e971708
......@@ -174,6 +174,32 @@ Combines :ref:`bm_linear_dodge` and :ref:`bm_linear_burn`. When the lightness of
Left: **Normal**. Right: **Linear Light**.
.. _bm_luminosity_shine_sai:
Luminosity/Shine (SAI)
Similar to :ref:`bm_addition`.
Takes the opacity of the new color (combined opacity of the layer, the brush, any used transparency masks etc.) and multiples the color by the opacity, then adds to the original/previous color.
.. math::
c_{new} = c_{above}*{\alpha}_{above} + c_{below}
The result of this operation is the same as combining the new pixels with a fully opaque black layer in a :ref:`bm_normal` mode and then combining the result with the original layer using :ref:`bm_addition` mode. It should be also the same as the results of "Luminosity" blending mode in SAI1 or "Shine" blending mode in SAI2.
.. figure:: /images/blending_modes/lighten/Blending_modes_Luminosity_Shine_SAI_Sample_image_with_dots.png
:align: center
Left: **Normal**. Right: **Luminosity/Shine (SAI)**.
.. _bm_p-norm_a:
P-Norm A
......@@ -95,7 +95,9 @@ Krita has a lot of Blending modes, and thankfully all of Paint Tool Sai's are am
Multiple, Screen, Overlay and Normal are amongst the favorites.
Krita's Luminosity is actually slightly different from Paint Tool Sai's and it replaces the relative brightness of color with the relative brightness of the color of the layer.
Sai's Luminosity mode is actually the same as Krita's *Addition* or *linear dodge* mode. The Shade mode is the same as *Color Burn* and *Hard Mix* is the same as the lumi and shade mode.
Sai's Luminosity mode (called Shine in Sai2) is the same as Krita's *Luminosity/Shine (SAI)* mode, which is new in Krita 4.2.4.
The Sai's Shade mode is the same as *Color Burn* and *Hard Mix* is the same as the lumi and shade mode.
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