Commit 7224d190 authored by Raghavendra Kamath's avatar Raghavendra Kamath 🎨

Update Outline selection tool about polygon mode.

- Add information about polygon mode for outline selection tool while holding ctrl key
parent 841f5405
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ Hotkeys and Sticky keys
* :kbd:`Alt +` |mouseleft| sets the subsequent selection to 'subtract'.
* :kbd:`Ctrl +` |mouseleft| sets the subsequent selection to 'replace'.
* :kbd:`Shift + Alt +` |mouseleft| sets the subsequent selection to 'intersect'.
* Holding :kbd:`Ctrl` key while drawing the selection temporarily makes this tool to behave like polygon selection tool and you can then draw straight line selections by just clicking on canvas.
.. versionadded:: 4.2
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