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Add version 2.0 of the FLA as the preferred version

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......@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ do such an assignment, a Fiduciary License Agreement
is one that preserves the spirit of Free Software
and is easy to administer.
* [Version 2.0](#version-20) is the **current** form of the FLA.
* [Version 1.3.5](#version-13) is the **older** form of the FLA, still available for use.
## Versions of the FLA
The text of the FLA and the relicensing document
......@@ -22,6 +26,20 @@ has changed over time. Only the text of the particular
document you may have signed applies. Most changes are
of minor importance, but they are documented here.
### Version 2.0
> Version 2.0 is the *current* FLA. New signatories are encouraged
> to use this one because of its up-to-date language.
The [FLA 2.0 form](/resources/FLA-2.0.pdf) is available from
the [resources](/resources) page. This form is entirely self-contained.
The Fiduciary Licensing Agreement 2.0 was obtained from the
[Contributor Agreements]( website.
* **2.0** Initial version from the Contributor Agreements site.
### Version 1.3
> Versions prior to 1.3 were not used by KDE e.V. and there are no
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