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Added pics to Kalendar and a caption to the Angelfish picture

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<figure class="image-right"> <img width="50%" src="images/Products/pp_angelfish.png" alt="Angelfish Browser" /> </figure>
<figure class="image-right">
<img width="50%" src="images/Products/pp_angelfish.png" alt="Angelfish Browser running on a PinePhone" />
<figcaption>The Angelfish browser works both on desktop and mobile devices.</figcaption>
[Angelfish]( is a modern lightweight web browser that will work on your desktop and your Plasma Mobile device.
<figure class="image-right">
<img width="100%" src="images/Products/Kalendar_2.png" alt="Week view in Kalendar " />
<figcaption>Kalendar is an advanced calendaring and task-managing app for both desktop and mobile devices.</figcaption>
[Kalendar]( is a calendar application that allows you to manage your tasks and events. Kalendar supports both local calendars as well as a multitude of online calendars, including Nextcloud, Google® Calendar, Outlook®, Caldav, and many more.
Kalendar gives you many ways to interact with your events. The month view, as the name suggests, provides an overview of the entire month; the week view presents a detailed hour-by-hour overview of your week; and the schedule view lists all of your upcoming events so that you can easily and quickly plan ahead.
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