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<figure style="padding: 1ex; margin: 1ex;">
<img width="100%" src="images/Akademy/AkademygroupPhoto.jpg" alt="Akademy attendees" />
<img width="100%" src="images/Akademy/AkademyGroupPhoto.jpg" alt="Akademy 2021 attendees" />
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<figcaption>Attendees to KDES's 2021 Online Akademy event.</figcaption>
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ First thing in the morning, Aleix Pol, president of KDE, introduced the event an
Aleix then introduced the first keynote speaker of the event: Patricia Aas, co-founder of TurtleSec and a C++ developer and trainer. In her talk, Patricia explored bugs, types of bugs, how to deal with the secondary problems bugs create.
<figure class="image-right"> <img width="50%" src="images/Akademy/Akademy1.jpg" alt="Goal Champions" />
<figure class="image-right"> <img width="100%" src="images/Akademy/Akademy1.jpg" alt="Goal Champions" />
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<figcaption>Aleix (2nd from left), Meven (4th from left) and Niccolò (5th from left), with Adam and Lydia</figcaption>
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ Meanwhile, in room 2 Igor Ljubuncic, aka "Dedoimedo", took us to Snaps, the fina
Towards the end of the evening, Bhavisha Dhruve, Aniqa Khokhar, Aiswarya Kaitheri Kandoth and Tomaz Canabrava told us about KDE Network, the project that builds communities in places where Free Software adoption would otherwise be scattered at best. In the talk, the panel explained the achievements they have reached since the program began, and the upcoming projects they are currently working on.
<figure class="image-right"> <img width="50%" src="images/Akademy/Akademy3.png" alt="Jeri Ellsworth" />
<figure class="image-right"> <img width="100%" src="images/Akademy/Akademy3.png" alt="Jeri Ellsworth" />
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<figcaption>Jeri Ellsworth teold us about her career, from fram girl to top Silicon Valley hacker in her keynote.</figcaption>
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