Commit 2aa37201 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham

Correct and improve description of positive vs negative colors in monochrome icons

parent b6a5764f
......@@ -90,13 +90,14 @@ details and vibrant colors, and employs an intentionally limited color palette:
home, etc.This is the most commonly used color. When in doubt, choose
Shade Black.
#. |iconred| :doc:`Icon Red<../color/index>` (``#da4453``): Used for icons
that depict actions: delete, remove, stop, etc.
that depict negative or destructive actions: "delete," "remove," "stop,"
#. |bewareorange| :doc:`Beware Orange <../color/index>` (``#f67400``): Used
for icons that involve warnings and user input of some kind.
#. |plasmablue| :doc:`Plasma Blue <../color/index>` (``#3daee9``): Used for
icons that involve the action "select" or "insert".
#. |noblefir| :doc:`Noble Fir <../color/index>` (``#27ae60``): Used for icons
that involve "connected", "secure" or "successful" actions.
that involve positive or successful actions: "connected", "secure", etc.
.. |shadeblack| image:: /img/Breeze-shade-black.svg
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