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Information about Kate plugins, which are cool?
* Terminal and FileBrowser (todo, any volunteers?)
* Search and Replace (todo, any volunteers?)
* <a title="Kate SQL Plugin" href="/2010/07/29/katesql-a-new-plugin-for-kate/" target="_self">Kate SQL Plugin</a>
* <a title="Kate XML Completion Plugin" href="/2013/10/26/kate-xml-completion-converting-dtd-to-metadtd/">Kate XML Completion Plugin</a>
* <a title="GDB Backtrace Browser Plugin" href="/2008/08/12/kate-fast-backtrace-navigation/" target="_self">GDB Backtrace Browser</a>
* <a title="Projects Plugin" href="/2012/11/02/using-the-projects-plugin-in-kate/" target="_self">Projects Plugin</a>
* Build Plugin (todo, any volunteers?)
# Getting Involved
Entry points for people wanting to contribute:
* <a title="Building Kate" href="/get-it/" target="_self">Building Kate</a>
* [Building Kate from Source](/build-it/)
* <a title="Debugging Kate with Qt Creator" href="/2010/06/19/kate-debugging-with-qt-creator/" target="_self">Debugging Kate with Qt Creator</a>
* Writing KTextEditor Plugins
* <a title="Writing Kate Plugins" href="/2004/01/06/writing-a-kate-plugin/" target="_self">Writing Kate Plugins</a>
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