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title: Kate - More languages supported via LSP!
author: Christoph Cullmann
date: 2019-08-10T18:38:00+02:00
date: 2019-08-10T18:41:00+02:00
The default configuration for the Kate LSP client does now support more stuff than just C/C++ and Python out of the box.
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ At the moment not used internally, later should be shown in the UI to give peopl
### Current State ###
For C/C++ with [clangd]( the experience is already good enough for day-to-day working.
What is possible can be seen [in one of my previous posts, video included](/posts/kate-lsp-status-july-22/).
I and some colleagues use the master version of Kate at work for daily coding.
Sometimes Kate confuses clangd during saving of files but otherwise, no larger hiccups occur.
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