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title: Kate Planning
author: Christoph Cullmann
date: 2019-09-095T14:06:00+02:00
url: /post/2019/2019-09-09-kate-planning/
During Akademy Dominik and me sat together and discussed a bit what we shall do to evolve Kate :)
Whereas Kate really already works well as a general purpose editor, the competition in the editor space got more intense in the last years.
Beside the well established stuff like Emacs & Vim, new editors were created that did set the bar higher on what users expect.
For example Sublime, Atom and Visual Studio Code are things to keep an eye on feature & polishing wise.
Therefore we decided it would make sense to think a bit about which stuff should be improved or altered in the near future.
Some key points would be:
* again provide Kate specific plugin interfaces inside kate.git (no installed headers)
reason: be able to extend the functionality provided to all plugins without needing to take care of binary compatibility
after X years the "we have 3rdparty plugins" idea didnt take off, no need to limit oneself
* move project functionality from plugin to Kate application core
reason: be able to provide project features to addons, e.g. sane way to search in project, list project stuff in quick open, ...
other state of the art editors provide that per default, too
still stuff like "shall we create projects on the fly" can be deactivated like today
* get LSP support in a shape that it can be shipped per default
reason: people expect that modern editors provide advanced language integration off the shelf, like Atom, Visual Studio Code, ...
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