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......@@ -21,9 +21,7 @@ I didn't actually believe that would be worth the hassle, but Kåre provided imp
The new color picker plugin got some [further improvements by Jan Paul](, if you missed what it does, see screenshot below, it shows the color for #hexcodes inline in the text editor view + provides a color picker to alter it.
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<a href="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-color-picker.png" target="_blank"><img width=700 src="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-color-picker.png"/></a>
![Screenshot of Kate color picker](/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-color-picker.png)
# Open a project per command line
......@@ -39,9 +37,7 @@ Waqar works on better Git integration.
This has been an idea since years but we never got around to it ;=)
Finally we see some progress.
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<a href="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-git-checkout.png" target="_blank"><img width=700 src="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-git-checkout.png"/></a>
![Screenshot of Kate git branch selector](/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-git-checkout.png)
The current implementation inside the project plugin shows prominently the current branch of your clone below the project name.
Pressing this button allows you to either switch to an existing branch or create a new one and switch to it.
......@@ -53,18 +49,14 @@ Waqar worked on better visualization of the contextual help via LSP, too.
So far, we just used some normal tooltips, unfortunately that doesn't work that well for the rich content we get from typical LSP servers like clangd.
Now we have some custom widget for this with proper highlighting and font/color matching the editor theme.
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<a href="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-lsp-tooltip.png" target="_blank"><img width=700 src="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-lsp-tooltip.png"/></a>
![LSP tooltip](/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-lsp-tooltip.png)
# Improved website theme
Perhaps this change is obvious, as already visible if you read this post on our website [](, but we now use the shared theming other KDE websites use, too.
If you read this from some aggregator, take a look at the start page screenshot below.
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<a href="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-website.png" target="_blank"><img width=700 src="/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-website.png"/></a>
![Screenshot of Kate website](/post/2021/2021-02-14-kate-valentines-day/images/kate-website.png)
Carl [worked on this](, he did a fantastic job.
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