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......@@ -15,13 +15,13 @@ And here are our current number of acquisitions (roughly equal to the number of
* [Okular - More than a reader]( - 16,154 acquisitions
* [Filelight - Disk Usage Viszualizer]( - 1,412 acquisitions
* [Filelight - Disk Usage Visualizer]( - 1,412 acquisitions
* [KStars - Astronomy Software]( - 1,400 acquisitions
* [Kile - A user-friendly TeX/LaTeX editor]( - 1,343 acquisitions
* [Elisa - Versatile Music Player]( - 40 acquisitions
* [Elisa - Modern Music Player]( - 40 acquisitions
If you want to help to bring more stuff KDE develops on Windows, we have some meta [Phabricator task]( were you can show up and tell for which parts you want to do work on.
title: Kate - Telemetry / User Feedback
author: Christoph Cullmann
date: 2020-02-09T17:33:00+02:00
url: /post/2020/2020-02-09-kate-telemetry/
Starting with the upcoming 20.04 release (or current master branch builds), Kate allows the user to turn on some telemetry submission.
This is a purely *opt-in* approach.
We will not submit any data if you not *actively enable* this feature!
Like [Plasma]( we use the [KUserFeedback]( framework for this task.
For details about how we handle the data, refer to [KDE’s Applications Privacy Policy]( and specifically the [Telemetry Policy](
We documented what kind of info we submit on the [Telemetry Use]( page.
At the moment we collect maximal this information:
* Application version: to know which application versions are still in use
* Qt version: to know the underlying Qt version (e.g. to see how important workarounds for old issues are)
* Platform information: to know the operating system we are running on
* Screen parameters: to find out how common multi-screen usage is
* Start count: to find out how frequent users use our editor
* Usage time: to find out how many users are using the software heavily vs in passing
If you want to review the code that was used to add this, take a look at our [merge request]( for the initial addition of this feature.
If you spot errors in the code, please inform us, either via mail to []( or via a bug report at [](
I myself activated now the telemetry submission for my installations of the master branch version, this is possible via the *Settings -> Configure Kate... -> User Feedback* dialog page.
<p align="center">
<a href="/post/2020/2020-02-09-kate-telemetry/images/kate-telemetry-user-feedback.png" target="_blank"><img width=500 src="/post/2020/2020-02-09-kate-telemetry/images/kate-telemetry-user-feedback.png"></a>
I encourage you to do the same, if you want to provide us feedback which Kate versions are out in the wild and a bit about how often and long they are used.
In the future we might add some hint somewhere in the UI to ask once to take a look at the telemetry config page in a *non-intrusive* way.
As we still need to think about how to do this in the least annoying way, at the moment no such hint is given at all.
I hope our very conservative approach to this shows that we value the privacy of our users and are not branded as *"yet another spyware application"* or get plenty of *"Kate editor spies on users"* stories.
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