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......@@ -61,3 +61,31 @@ Porting the highlighting over to KSyntaxHighlighting was a big success.
Kate and Qt Creator now finally share the same highlighting engine and we got a lot of new contributions to our highlightings.
(we support now over 300 different languages, something to be proud of)
Still, e.g. the theme support is still not moved over to what the new framework provides.
#### Further Brainstorming
##### Git Integration
We shall take a look what other editors provide.
##### Diff/Patch Viewer
Want we to integrate with stuff like KDiff3/Kompare/... to have a better handling of e.g. git diff, patches, ...
##### Improve View Management
e.g. improve the way we handle splitting the views and the tabbing
#### KDevelop vs. Kate?
Given already today we enter the area of KDevelop by providing the LSP client, we need to think about what happens in the future with overlapping features.
It is no goal to evolve Kate into an IDE.
We think Kate shall be a competitor for editors like Atom, not full-fledged IDEs like KDevelop or Visual Studio.
Still, e.g. in the area of project management/code navigation/version control support there will be some overlap.
The question is: can we share stuff there? What shall be the focus of Kate and KDevelop in e.g. language support?
I think Kate will aim to support as many languages as possible via LSP but not try to have more tight integration like that.
On the other side, KDevelop has great support for C++ and some support for other languages.
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