Commit c35b22e8 authored by Christoph Cullmann's avatar Christoph Cullmann


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title: KF6 Sprint - Day Two
author: Christoph Cullmann
date: 2019-11-23T15:40:00+02:00
date: 2019-11-23T15:55:00+02:00
url: /post/2019/2019-11-23-kf6-sprint-day-two/
......@@ -39,3 +39,6 @@ After some more group work after lunch, we arrived at this state:
Keep track of the circle of doom that needs attention by David Faure and the D4 post-it that tells were our virtual David takes part in the discussion :=)
For all concrete results, we create tasks on the [KF6 board]( on the KDE Phabricator.
If you are interested to help in shaping the future of KF6, show up and grab some task :=)
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