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releases 20.08.2

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Some of the fixes in today's releases:
* foo
* bar
* baz
* A bug that caused the Kate text editor to hide UI elements after closing a tab was fixed
* Downloading of office documents via Dolphin's GDrive integration no longer fails to handle the required server redirection
* Diagonal scrolling (e.g. with touchpads) in Konsole's terminal view was fixed
* The Okular document viewer now allows to click on hyper links that are covered by annotions
* In Kontact, configuring the automatic mail archiving or forwarding a message inline no longer causes a crash
* Automatic cutting of scene splits in the Kdenlive video editor now actually cuts the video, and opening projects with missing video clips was made more robust
* The image importer in Gwenview no longer hangs after closing
* The remote desktop sharing tool Krfb now handles scaled screens correctly
* Phone connections with KDE Connect got more robust after a security review
[20.08 release notes]( • [Package download wiki page]( • [20.08.2 source info page]( • [20.08.2 full changelog](
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