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title: KDE's October 2020 Apps Update
publishDate: "2020-09-10T12:00:00+00:00"
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summary: "What Happened in KDE's Applications This Month"
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......@@ -17,7 +13,7 @@ After Akademy, a bumper month of new software updates and bugfixes has arrived i
## digiKam 7.1
{{< img class="text-center" src="digikam.png" caption="digiKam" style="width: 600px">}}
{{< img class="text-center img-fluid" src="digikam.png" caption="digiKam" style="width: 600px">}}
The month started with the release of our popular [photo management app, digiKam](
......@@ -31,7 +27,7 @@ digiKam is available in your Linux distro as a source code tarball, Linux 32/64
## Labplot 2.8
{{< img class="text-center" src="labplot.png" caption="Labplot" style="width: 600px">}}
{{< img class="text-center img-fluid" src="labplot.png" caption="Labplot" style="width: 600px">}}
LabPlot is a KDE application for interactive graphing and analysis of scientific data. LabPlot provides an easy way to create, manage and edit plots and to perform data analysis. [Labplot 2.8]( was released after a year's worth of work.
......@@ -51,13 +47,13 @@ More effort has been put into the macOS version of LabPlot. Besides many small m
## KDevelop 5.6
{{< img class="text-center" src="KDevelop_5.6.0.png" caption="KDevelop" style="width: 600px">}}
{{< img class="text-center img-fluid" src="KDevelop_5.6.0.png" caption="KDevelop" style="width: 600px">}}
Our software development IDE, [KDevelop 5.6](, brings half a year of work, focused mainly on stability, performance, and future maintainability. It adds the useful feature of [optionally displaying inline notes for problems at the end of the line](
## Calindori 1.2
{{< img class="text-center" src="dayview_desktop.png" caption="KDevelop" style="width: 600px">}}
{{< img class="text-center img-fluid" src="dayview_desktop.png" caption="Calindori" style="width: 600px">}}
Mobile based calendar app [Calindori 1.2]( is out! Although a couple of versions have also been tagged, this is the first stable release of Calindori as a KDE application.
......@@ -75,7 +71,7 @@ Get it from [Windows Chocolatey Package](,
## Heaptrack 1.2
{{< img class="text-center" src="gui_allocations_chart.png" caption="Foo" style="width: 600px">}}
{{< img class="text-center img-fluid" src="gui_allocations_chart.png" caption="Heaptrack" style="width: 600px">}}
For the developers out there, we had a [bugfix release of Heaptrack]( Heaptrack traces all memory allocations and annotates these events with stack traces. Dedicated analysis tools then allow you to interpret the heap memory profile
......@@ -83,7 +79,7 @@ There are improvements to the stability of Heaptrack which make it more error re
## KDiff3 1.8.4
{{< img class="text-center" src="diffscreen_two_way.png" caption="KDiff3" style="width: 600px">}}
{{< img class="text-center img-fluid" src="diffscreen_two_way.png" caption="KDiff3" style="width: 600px">}}
KDiff3 lets you compare up to three text files at one time.
......@@ -101,7 +97,7 @@ IRC chat app [Konversation](
## Markdown Viewing Plugins
{{< img class="text-center" src="kmarkdownwebview.png" caption="Foo" style="width: 600px">}}
{{< img class="text-center img-fluid" src="kmarkdownwebview.png" caption="Foo" style="width: 600px">}}
A pair of plugins were updated this month. [Markdown Viewer KPart]( and [KMarkdownWebView]( both got new releases updating their translations and fixing build with older Qt. These plugins both give previews of Markdown formatted files in Kate and other KDE apps.
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