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# Intro
This uses and its ci-tooling to download builds and extract the
appstream data from them.
You will needs some space in /tmp and lots of space (20GB) in /srv.
# Tools
## appstream.rb
......@@ -14,13 +21,13 @@ Twiddles the following dirs:
- `../icons/` icons cache. contains icons named from their appid (
- `../thumbnails` thumbnails cache. scaled to 540 width. subdir per appid
# appstream_mkindex.rb
## appstream_mkindex.rb
Iters `../appdata/` and generates an `../appdata/index.json` mapping category
names to appids. The icons for the categories are generated by appstream.rb
and in `../icons/categories/` as downcased version of the name.
# old_apps_compat.rb
## old_apps_compat.rb
Iters `../apps/` and generates compatibility rigging to preserve names from
v1 of the backend, this allows old app urls to remain working.
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