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Feat: Add KDE Framework 5.85.0 announcement

parent 29845297
qtversion: 5.15
date: 2021-08-13
layout: framework
libCount: 83
draft: true
### Attica
* Implement a getter for Provider's icon data
### Breeze Icons
* React to Telegram's new ID and show the Breeze icon
* React to Inkscape's new ID and show the Breeze icon (bug 440498)
* also add zoom-fit-page symlink for 32px
* align look of 22 px zoom-fit-{width,height} icons with others
* add zoom-fit-page symlink for 22px
* Symlink draw-cuboid to shape-cuboid
* Add temperature icons
### Extra CMake Modules
* [ecmcheckoutboundlicense] Ensure that last source file is always processed
* Handle case where zero must be kept
* ecm_setup_version: deal with 0-prefixed version values in PROJECT mode
* modules/ECMGenerateHeaders.cmake - avoid uninitialized warning
* suppress tar errors
* FindGperf: support version check
* Define NOMINMAX on Windows
* Add Find7z & Findgzip
* Don't install logging categories files on Android
* Handle case where ECM_GLOBAL_FIND_VERSION is undefined
* Enable the usage of -Bsymbolic-functions
* KDECompilerSettings: add KDE_COMPILERSETTINGS_LEVEL & more settings
### KDE Doxygen Tools
* do not download KDE accounts file automatically
* require Python 3 in CMake
* Preprocessing: use tree-walk speedup
* Preprocessing: document how to speed up tree-walk a little
* Utils: document what causes repopath-lookup failures
* Fancyname: look for CMake project() command preceded only by spaces
* Accept multi-line 'project(..)' in 'CMakeLists.txt'
* Add more dependencies to requirements.txt
### KArchive
* Only pkg_check_modules() if PkgConfig is found
* Add support for static builds
* Use official gzip MIME/Media type application/gzip
* Report KArchive_HAVE_ZSTD in CMake Config file to consumers
* Deprecate remaining KFilterDev API in favour of KCompressionDevice
### KCalendarCore
* Fixup include dir into pkgconfig file
* Hide fields, to enforce uniform use of setFieldDirty()
* Fix formating in apidoc for free busy
* Add ownerChanged signal
* Add metadata properties to calendar
* Add base class for calendar plugins
* More completion field consistency and dirtyness checks
* Mark mCompleted as dirty if it changes, and also reset status
### KCMUtils
* Officially specify X-DocPath in the KCModule desktop file definition
* Deprecate KCModuleProxy::aboutData
* Add overload to pass in args in KCMultiDialog::addModule
* Deprecate X-KDE-FactoryName and KCModuleInfo::handle
* Deprecate KCMultiDialog::configCommitted(QByteArray) signal
* Deprecate KSettings and KCModuleInfo based methods
* help:/ urls are already handled by KUrlHandler from KGuiAddons
### KCodecs
* Unbreak build with gperf < 3.1
### KConfig
* KConfig: fix deletion of an entry that is also in kdeglobals
* Do not create a vector and a QByteArray just to discard it immediately
* Only query for existing config file when it's necessary
* Use specific API to compare QByteArrays
* Cache global config files
### KConfigWidgets
* [KCModule] Deprecate ctor that takes KAboutData
* Make sure commandbar has unique actions
* add icons for all zoom standard actions
* KCommandBar update
* Show fuzzy matches in command bar
* enable auto-switching color scheme for Windows apps when Default color scheme is active
* Fix crash when calling KHamburgerMenu::setMenuBar(nullptr)
### KCoreAddons
* New class KNetworkMounts: network mounts performance optimizations
* PluginMetaData::supportsMimeType(): check for exact matches first
* KPluginMetaData: warn if library metadata can't be loaded
* Introduce KFileUtils::findAllUniqueFiles method
* KTextToHTML: support also irc & ircs URLs
* Expose KAboutComponent::version as a property
* Deprecate JSON parameter in kcoreaddons_add_plugin
* Deprecate KPluginLoader::pluginVersion
### KCrash
* Support static builds
* fix lifetime of MetadataINIWriter
### KDBusAddons
* KDBusService: Pass the activation token upon activation
* Add compile time guards round QX11Info usage
* Fix DesktopStartup ID handling
### KDeclarative
* Implement aspect ratio correction for Lanczos effect
* Introduce Lanczos filter element
### KDELibs 4 Support
* Port metainfo KIO slave to JSON metadata
* Update translatable timezone list
### KDocTools
* Add a max width to the content
### KHolidays #
* Update holiday_kz_kk
* Update holiday_kz_ru
* Update Mexican holidays
* Create mu_fr_catholic
* Update mu_en, mu_en_islamic
### KIconThemes
* Introduce KIconLoader::hasCustomPalette
* [KIconDialog] Revamp UI (bug 401408)
### KImageFormats
* exr: Repair compability with openexr2
* exr: Override the actual function signature
### KInit
* Fixes crash in KLauncher::idleTimeout() caused by unblockable destruction of IdleSlave objects (bug 426387)
### KIO
* Fix OOB read in LegacyCodec::decodeFileNameUTF8() if not zero-terminated
* KMountPoint: add missing resolving of symlinks when using libmount
* Message dialogs: wrap the text (bug 440545)
* Explicitly link against KF5::CoreAddons for KPluginFactory
* KProcessRunner: Use systemsettings desktop name if it's started
* Fix creating thumbnails for items under desktop:/ (bug 438691)
* Split KCMs into separate plugins
* Fixing allowing caching logic
* KPropertiesDialog: consider the "recursive" setting when applying permissions
* KPropertiesDialog: fix applying permissions recursively (bug 225658)
* kcoredirlister: refactor code to work better with std::set
* xdgactivation: Use the provided service instance
* [KFilePlacesItem] Don't show capacity bar for iso9660 mounts
* KMountPoint: fetch mount options from the mount-flags
* KProtocolInfo: don't call KProtocolInfo::archiveMimetypes() on an empty string
* Do not translate default names
* Fix selecting binaries from component chooser KCM
* KMountPoint: use libraries from util-linux in the Linux code path
* KUrlNavigator: do not hardcode supported archive formats
### Kirigami
* [InlineMessage] Correct spacing between close button and action buttons (bug 440604)
* [ScrollView] Don't scroll with arrow keys if the view isn't scrollable (bug 439459)
* SearchField: Disable predictive text
* Introduce hasPlatformMenuBar
* Allow to add additional content to the about page
* Ensure that icon sizes are consistent for mobile before 5.23
* [OverlaySheet] Add title property
* Add "Get Involved" URL button to the About Page
* SwipeDelegate: Only set the parent as the flickable when the parent is a Flickable
* Add dialog-close to list of icons to bundle
* Show KAboutComponents in the AboutPage
* Add method to push page as a new window on the desktop
* Use iconSizes for floating action button
* Adjust sidebar item size to account for mobile
* Adjust floating action button sizes to account for mobile
* Remove x1.5 mobile icon sizing
* [apptemplate] Increase Qt and KF5 min versions
* Make MnemonicAttached active property writable
* Pagepool item and url accessors
* Show author/credits task (bug 438442)
* Show the app name in the about page title
* PageRow can take ownership of a drawer's contents
### KNewStuff
* Rework UploadDialog, add QML version, and a new ProvidersModel
* Simplify lookup of knsrc files using KFileUtils::findAllUniqueFiles method
* Forward Attica provider icons to KNSCore::Provider
* Handle payload-only entries during update operations
### KNotification
* Add placeholders for window title and application display name
### KPackage Framework
* Deprecate kpackage_install_bundled_package cmake function
* Reduce severity of warnings about appstream generations
* Deprecate implicitly defining X-KDE-ParentApp by parent structure
* Introduce new KPackageStructure property to identify plugins & packages
* Include a warning when setting the path without a structure
### KPeople
* Install private personmanager header
### KRunner
* Deprecate RunnerManager::runnerMetaDataList(QString parentApp) method
* Deprecate TryExec property for runners
* Use KFileUtils::findAllUniqueFiles to locate DBus runners
### KTextEditor
* Network mounts performance optimizations
* KateView: speed up large view jumps
* ensure close button on top for replace
* move close button to right for bottom widgets
### KUnitConversion
* Make currency conversion table fetching explicit
### KWallet Framework
* Don't use gpgme.h
### KWayland
* Fix check for mmap failure (bug 421868)
### KWidgetsAddons
* Update some widget pictures
* kmimetypeeditor: display an error message if keditfiletype couldn't be started (bug 437701)
* Wrapp unisged int getter for rating in KWIDGETSADDONS_BUILD_DEPRECATED_SINCE
* Deprecate KRatingWidget::ratingChanged(unsigned int) signal
### KWindowSystem
* Support static builds
* commandbar: collect actions using the guiFactory (bug 439526)
* Fix KShortcutsDialog build
* KShortcutsDialog: add another, simpler, constructor
### ModemManagerQt
* Add find_dependency for QtDBus
* Make dependency on QtXml private
### NetworkManagerQt
* Feature: add assigned-mac-address
* Expose mDNS configuration used by NM plugins
### Oxygen Icons
* new color version for notification icon
* improved icons from yesterday+ missing resolutions
* preferences-desktop-notification-bell icon
* kdf icon
### Plasma Framework
* Don't pointlessly create new KPluginMetaData
* Fix Units::roundToIconSize() returning incorrect sizes with non-Qt scaling (bug 381794)
* Turn WindowThumbnail into a texture provider
* Handle huge icons in Units::roundToIconSize() (bug 356446)
* Deprecate plasma/version.h header & contained methods
* Add a bit more contrast to event indicator in calendar (bug 437203)
* Improve the code of the actions in the plasmoid heading
* Theme::currentThemeHasImage should not return true if parent themes match (bug 439847)
* Remove x1.5 mobile icon sizing
* PlasmoidHeader: re-add backgroundMetrics
* PlasmoidHeader: Make it based on T.ToolBar, deprecate location
### Prison
* Support binary content in QR codes
* Constrain rendering by the minimum size, not the preferred size
### Purpose
* [JobView] Show error when configuration fails to load
* Replace xdg-mime invokation with KApplicationTrader
* Make sure empty list placeholder has some space around it
### QQC2StyleBridge
* Introduce MenuBar implementation
* Use flat instead of raised for flat buttons and toolbuttons (bug 438525)
* DialogButtonBox: remove unnecessary lines
* DialogButtonBox: Set standard icons for standard buttons
### Solid
* Remove the HAL backend; HAL is long gone
* Udev client: replace a warning message with a debug one (bug 425178)
* Enable bsdisks_extensions from FreeBSD on OpenBSD
* Enable OpenBSD UDisk2 support
* Port framework away from LGPL-2.0-only
### Sonnet
* Fix language not being correctly guessed when sentence ends in a dot
### Syntax Highlighting
* toml.xml: forbid 0_digits in integers
* toml.xml: support single-quoted keys
* Python: Fix r"\\" and derivatives (bug 440412)
* Python: Make unescaped single quote (' or ") strings non-multiline
* make update_kate_editor_org bsd compatible
* Python: Fix single quote bytes literals (b"") (bug 440089)
* cmake.xml: Drop version related `find_package()` vars
* cmake.xml: Update variables for `find_package()` interface
* cmake.xml: Add CMake 3.21 features
* XML: add Attribute Separator style (= in <tag attr=value>)
* XSLT: Enhance highlighter colors (like XML) + region for tag
* Ini: value as int, float or keyword only if it represents the full value
* Agda: update keyword list to Agda 2.6.2
* XML: fix <!DOCTYPE detection and reordered rules for faster reading (+20%)
* Python: }} in a f-string as an escape character and add !a flag
* systemd unit: update to systemd v249
* systemd unit: fix highlighting of unit name
* Mark katehighlightingindexer as a non-GUI executable
* Disable using QtXMLPatterns with sanitizer build
* Indexer: suggest LineContinue instead of RegExpr
* move coroutine keywords in controlflow and replace some keyword rule with WordDetect
### Security information
The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB
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