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Fix but around english page not displayed

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baseURL: '' baseURL: ''
title: KDE title: KDE
DefaultContentLanguage: en
markup: markup:
goldmark: goldmark:
renderer: renderer:
...@@ -15,81 +16,118 @@ markup: ...@@ -15,81 +16,118 @@ markup:
languages: languages:
ca: ca:
languageName: Català languageName: Català
contentDir: content/ca
ca-valencia: ca-valencia:
languageName: Valencià languageName: Valencià
contentDir: content/ca-valencia
cs: cs:
languageName: čeština languageName: čeština
contentDir: content/cs
de: de:
languageName: Deutsch languageName: Deutsch
contentDir: content/de
el: el:
languageName: Ελληνικά languageName: Ελληνικά
contentDir: content/el
en: en:
languageName: English languageName: English
weight: 1 weight: 1
es: es:
languageName: Español languageName: Español
contentDir: content/es
et: et:
languageName: Eesti languageName: Eesti
contentDir: content/et
eu: eu:
languagename: Euskara languagename: Euskara
contentDir: content/eu
fi: fi:
languageName: Suomi languageName: Suomi
contentDir: content/fi
fr: fr:
languageName: Français languageName: Français
contentDir: content/fr
gl: gl:
languageName: Galego languageName: Galego
contentDir: content/ga
it: it:
languageName: Italiano languageName: Italiano
contentDir: content/it
ko: ko:
languageName: 한국어 languageName: 한국어
contentDir: content/ko
nl: nl:
languageName: Nederlands languageName: Nederlands
contentDir: content/nl
pl: pl:
languageName: Polski languageName: Polski
contentDir: content/pl
pt: pt:
languageName: Português languageName: Português
contentDir: content/pt
pt-br: pt-br:
languageName: Português brasileiro languageName: Português brasileiro
contentDir: content/pt-br
ru: ru:
languageName: Русский languageName: Русский
contentDir: content/ru
sk: sk:
languageName: slovenčina languageName: slovenčina
contentDir: content/sk
sv: sv:
languageName: Svenska languageName: Svenska
contentDir: content/sv
tr: tr:
languageName: Türkçe languageName: Türkçe
contentDir: content/tr
uk: uk:
languageName: Українська languageName: Українська
contentDir: content/uk
zh_CN: zh_CN:
languageName: 中文(中国大陆) languageName: 中文(中国大陆)
contentDir: content/zh_CN
sl: sl:
languageName: Slovelian languageName: Slovelian
contentDir: content/sl
bn: bn:
languageName: Bengali languageName: Bengali
contentDir: content/bnw
ta: ta:
languageName: Tamil languageName: Tamil
contentDir: content/ta
cz: cz:
languageName: Czech languageName: Czech
contentDir: content/cz
fa: fa:
languageName: Persian languageName: Persian
contentDir: content/fa
gu: gu:
languageName: Gujrati languageName: Gujrati
contentDir: content/gu
ro: ro:
languageName: Romanian languageName: Romanian
contentDir: content/ro
he: he:
languageName: Hebrajski languageName: Hebrajski
contentDir: content/he
hi: hi:
languageName: Hindi languageName: Hindi
contentDir: content/hi
lv: lv:
languageName: Latvian languageName: Latvian
contentDir: content/lv
ml: ml:
languageName: Malayalam languageName: Malayalam
contentDir: content/ml
mr: mr:
languageName: Marathi languageName: Marathi
contentDir: content/mr
pa: pa:
languageName: Punjabi languageName: Punjabi
contentDir: content/pa
wa: wa:
languageName: Walloon languageName: Walloon
contentDir: content/wa
Author: Author:
name: The KDE Community name: The KDE Community
outputs: outputs:
--- ---
title: KDE Community Home title: KDE Community Home
layout: home
sassFiles: sassFiles:
- sass/index.scss - sass/index.scss
--- ---
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