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title: KDE Gear 21.12.1
date: 2022-01-06
hero_image: hero.png
- /announcements/gear/21.12.1/hero.png
- sass/gear.scss
layout: gear
Over 120 individual programs plus dozens of programmer libraries and feature plugins are released simultaneously as part of KDE Gear.
Today they all get new bugfix source releases with updated translations. Distro and app store packagers should update their application packages.
+ [21.08 release notes]( for information on tarballs and known issues.
+ [Package download wiki page](
+ [21.08.3 full changelog](/announcements/changelogs/gear/21.08.3/)
version: "21.12.1"
date: 2022-01-06
title: "21.12.1 Releases Source Info Page"
type: info/release
signer: Heiko Becker
signing_fingerprint: D81C0CB38EB725EF6691C385BB463350D6EF31EF
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