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feat: Add webpage for Plasma 5.26.1

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title: Plasma 5.26.1 complete changelog
version: 5.26.1
hidden: true
plasma: true
type: fulllog
{{< details title="Aura Browser" href="" >}}
+ Print cmake feature summary. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Discover" href="" >}}
+ Reviews: Don't check for name field being empty when it's not visible. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460504](
+ Fix i18n warning. [Commit.](
+ Flatpak: Address transaction progress skipping. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#404819]( Fixes bug [#434948]( Fixes bug [#435450]( Fixes bug [#448280](
+ Delay subCategoriesChanged signals when disabling. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#401666]( Fixes bug [#457408](
+ Flatpak: Improve flatpaktest reliability. [Commit.](
+ Flatpak: Just disable the test on the CI. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Addons" href="" >}}
+ Add missing [Commit.](
+ Revert "wallpapers/potd: show image with cursor when dragging". [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460378](
+ Revert "wallpapers/potd: clear `Drag.imageSource` on `dragFinished`". [Commit.](
+ Icon switchers: Use the actual app icon, not the plasma icon for the app. [Commit.](
+ Fuzzy-clock: Fix colors in full representation (calendar view). [Commit.](
+ Colorpicker: Make left-clicking a color copy in the default format. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#457311](
+ Fuzzy-clock, binary-clock: Fix clicking applets again to close calendar. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="KScreen" href="" >}}
+ KCM: wrap resolution label too. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460397](
+ Make the Output component accept events. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460280](
+ Osd: Specify layer shell namespace. [Commit.](
+ Don't save scale in control file. [Commit.](
+ Use the osd window type. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#419764](
+ Osd: Fix a crash when quitting from QML signal handler. [Commit.]( See bug [#459368](
+ Kcm: Call settingsChanged when resetting if config needs save. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="kscreenlocker" href="" >}}
+ Revert "Fix loading image wallpaper plugin config UI in KCM". [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="KWin" href="" >}}
+ Effects: Make WindowHeap try to fill gaps. [Commit.](
+ Handle scale override in locked and confined pointers. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460532](
+ Move installPointerConstraint calls into the constraint handlers. [Commit.](
+ Screencast: Don't report damage on the full screen every time. [Commit.](
+ Guard against reconfiguring wayland specific input on X11. [Commit.](
+ Make Workspace::outputAt() more robust to extreme values. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460446](
+ Fix resizing by dragging top-right window corner. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460501](
+ Wayland: Fix handling of removed outputs in DpmsInterface. [Commit.](
+ Wayland: Sync output device's enabled property. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460247](
+ Backends/drm: Fix leaving dangling dpms input event filter. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460322](
+ Effects/screenshot: Avoid capturing hidden cursor. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460358](
+ Make "switch to screen" and "window to screen" code less error-prone. [Commit.](
+ Fix "window to screen" and "switch to screen" shortcuts. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460337](
+ Fix scripted shader effect animations. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460277](
+ Drop shaderTrait adjustment on crossfade. [Commit.](
+ Wayland: don't allow minimizing applet popups either. [Commit.](
+ Wayland: don't allow maximization of applet popups. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="libkscreen" href="" >}}
+ Backends/kwayland: only consider enabled outputs for Xwayland scale. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plank Player" href="" >}}
+ Print cmake feature summary. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Browser Integration" href="" >}}
+ Fix excess comma in X-Plasma-Runner-Syntaxes values. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Desktop" href="" >}}
+ Make drag and drop of pager more reliable. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460541]( Fixes bug [#460545](
+ Also delete entry with Notify flag. [Commit.]( See bug [#460345](
+ Move the panel's placeholder instead of the target item and animate all of the items inbetween; also fixes mouse input that gets lost when quickly dragging applet to the very end of the panel. [Commit.](
+ Revert "containments/panel: iterate all items between start index and end index when pressed". [Commit.](
+ Desktoptoolbox: fix flickering on closing. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#417849](
+ Containments/panel: iterate all items between start index and end index when pressed. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)" href="" >}}
+ Applet: add missing left padding on toolbar. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#458742](
+ Applet: Fix enabled states of Wi-Fi and WWAN checkboxes in Edit Mode. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Audio Volume Control" href="" >}}
+ Don't crash when the server doesn't respond. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#454647]( Fixes bug [#437272](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Remotecontrollers" href="" >}}
+ Print cmake feature summary. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Workspace" href="" >}}
+ Fix is default locale check. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460418](
+ Remove excess pages before pushing new pages. [Commit.](
+ [applets/diskanddevices] Add xdg-activation support to device ations. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460268](
+ Krdb: do not crash on file system problems. [Commit.](
+ Make the panel's corner mask 1px smaller to avoid artifacts at the corners. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#417511](
+ Handle multiple desktop files with different StartupWMClass. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#358277](
+ Add scaling and rotation support to a blur behind desktop plasmoids. [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers/image: fix potential dead loop in PackageFinder. [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers/image: fix potential dead loop in ImageFinder. [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers/image: fix symlink not being found by ImageFinder. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460287](
+ Revert "wallpapers/image: Fix when used outside plasmashell". [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers/image: Fix when used outside plasmashell. [Commit.](
+ If an app is playing media but hasn't provided a title, say as much instead of "No media playing". [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#456516](
+ Wallpapers/image: reset `scale` to 1 to work around QTBUG-107458. [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers/image: reduce the maximum allowed cost of QCache. [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers/image: fix side-by-side previews sometimes not showing. [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers/image: reduce preview cache insertion for single images. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="qqc2-breeze-style" href="" >}}
+ ScrollBar & ScrollIndicator: Show over content even if it loaded after. [Commit.](
+ Revert "Install po folder". [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="System Settings" href="" >}}
+ [runner] Fix desktop file name. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#459213](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="xdg-desktop-portal-kde" href="" >}}
+ Screenshare SNI: use monochrome-compatible icon. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#460514](
{{< /details >}}
date: 2022-10-18
changelog: 5.26.0-5.26.1
layout: plasma
video: false
asBugfix: true
draft: true
version: "5.26.1"
title: "KDE Plasma 5.26.1, bugfix Release"
type: info/plasma5
signer: Jonathan Esk-Riddell
signing_fingerprint: D7574483BB57B18D
draft: true
This is a bugfix release of KDE Plasma, featuring Plasma Desktop and
other essential software for your computer. Details in the
[Plasma 5.26.1 announcement](/announcements/plasma/5/5.26.1).
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