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Update homepage for Plasma 5.20

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......@@ -8,27 +8,29 @@
.header-plasma20 * {
color: white !important;
<main id="home">
<section class="section-blue" id="plasma">
<div class="container">
<div class="mb-3">
<h2 class="h1">Plasma</h2>
<h3 class="h2">The next generation desktop for Linux</h3>
<div class="laptop-with-overlay d-inline-block mt-3">
<img class="laptop img-fluid mt-3" src="/content/plasma-desktop/laptop.png" alt="">
<div class="laptop-overlay">
<img class="img-fluid mt-3" src="/content/home/kde-main.jpg" alt="Screenshot of the Plasma Desktop with Dolphin and the launcher open" loading="lazy" width="1200" height="675" />
<section class="text-center py-4 header-plasma20" style="background: radial-gradient(circle, #c203c5 0%, #4e02a7 80%); color: white">
<h2>The next generation desktop for Linux</h2>
<div class="laptop-with-overlay d-block my-3 mx-auto w-100" style="max-width: 1000px">
<img class="laptop img-fluid mt-3" src="/content/plasma-desktop/laptop.png" alt="empty laptop with an overlay">
<div class="laptop-overlay">
<img class="img-fluid mt-3" src="/announcements/plasma-5.20/plasma.jpg" alt="Plasma">
<div class="plasma-info">
<a href="/distributions" class="learn-more button mb-3">Install on your computer</a>
<a href="/plasma-desktop" class="learn-more mb-3">Discover Plasma</a>
<a href="/hardware" class="learn-more mb-3">Buy a computer with Plasma</a>
<div class="container">
<div class="text-center">
<a href="/distributions" class="learn-more button mx-3">Install on your computer</a>
<a href="/plasma-desktop" class="learn-more mx-3">Discover Plasma</a>
<a href="/hardware" class="learn-more mx-3">Buy a computer with Plasma</a>
<section id="kde-connect">
<div class="container">
<h2 class="h1">KDE Applications</h2>
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