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KDE Project Security Advisory
Title: Ruqola: server info dialog can execute local binary
Risk Rating: Low
Versions: Ruqola <= 1.8.1
Author: David Faure <>
Date: 24 November 2022
A user can be tricked into launching a local executable from Ruqola.
An attacker could document that users should configure a rocket chat server with a local file URL pointing to an executable. Uninformed users who would then click on the URL in the "Server Info" dialog box would end up launching this local executable unexpectedly.
Depends on the local executable being launched.
If the attacker ensures that a malicious shell script exists somewhere in the system
first, by other means, this could be a way to get the user to execute it.
Not clicking on the "Server URL" in the "Server Info" dialog box.
Update to Ruqola 5.8.2
or apply this patch:
Thanks to Mishra Dhiraj for reporting the issue.
Thanks to Laurent Montel for fixing the issue.
Thanks to both of them for reviewing the advisory.
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ The KDE Security Advisories are crosslinked in the KDE Information Pages of
the KDE versions to which they apply to. The listing below is in chronological
+ <a href="./advisory-20221129-1.txt">2022-11-29 Ruqola: server info dialog can execute local binary</a>
+ <a href="./advisory-20220216-1.txt">2022-02-16 kcron: Invalid temporary file handling.</a>
+ <a href="./advisory-20220131-1.txt">2022-01-31 KTextEditor/Kate: Missing validation of binaries executed via QProcess.</a>
+ <a href="./advisory-20211118-1.txt">2021-11-18 KMail: Encryption is ignored when "Server requires authentication" not checked in UI.</a>
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