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feat: Add webpage for Plasma 5.24.3

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title: Plasma 5.24.3 complete changelog
version: 5.24.3
hidden: true
plasma: true
type: fulllog
{{< details title="Breeze" href="" >}}
+ KStyle: center QTabBar custom tab buttons vertically in vertical tabs. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#447315](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Discover" href="" >}}
+ Flatpak: Do not emit about upgradeable packages that were just created. [Commit.](
+ Flatpak: Use the sources map to check if a resource is already being used. [Commit.](
+ Set textFormat in Label to StyledText. [Commit.](
+ Fix build by explicitly creating a QUrl from QString. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Dr Konqi" href="" >}}
+ Make sure to create the wallet folder before using it. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#446925](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="KDE GTK Config" href="" >}}
+ Fix cmake policy CMP0115 warning. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Info Center" href="" >}}
+ Fix up help paths. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450918](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="KScreen" href="" >}}
+ Revert "KCM: Workaround unknown Qt issue that causes the revert dialog to be invisible". [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="kwayland-server" href="" >}}
+ Fix kdebugsettings categories file. [Commit.](
+ Linuxdmabuf: Add unistd.h include. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="KWin" href="" >}}
+ Backends/drm: don't change the configuration while KWin is terminating. [Commit.](
+ Backends/drm: wait for pending pageflips before doing a modeset. [Commit.](
+ Output changes: handle to-be-enabled outputs first. [Commit.](
+ Platform: check all outputs, not only enabled ones for the enabled flag. [Commit.]( See bug [#450721](
+ Backends/drm: fix recording with direct scanout. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450943](
+ Backends/drm: fix multi gpu. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450737](
+ Backends/drm: fix format choosing. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450779](
+ Inputmethod: fix placing the virtual keyboard at the bottom. [Commit.](
+ Revert "Remove mysterious s_cursorUpdateBlocking boolean flag in pointer_input.cpp". [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#449273](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="libksysguard" href="" >}}
+ Fixed computational bug for bar chart spacing. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#449868](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Desktop" href="" >}}
+ Kcms/touchpad: Remove weird Q_EMIT changed(false) in resizeEvent. [Commit.]( See bug [#449843](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="plasma-integration" href="" >}}
+ [KDEPlatformFileDialog] Don't do stat if baseUrl didn't change. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Audio Volume Control" href="" >}}
+ [kcm] Update device combobox when current device changes externally. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Workspace" href="" >}}
+ Kcms/colors: Implement radio button layouts better. [Commit.](
+ Kcms/colors: fix spacing between radio buttons and content. [Commit.](
+ [Battery Monitor] Only show charge threshold hint for power supply batteries. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#451161](
+ [Icons KCM] Give measure delegate a text. [Commit.](
+ Wallpapers: Sort BackgroundListModel by title. [Commit.](
+ Applets/digital-clock: Fix `Qt.formatDateTime` returns different date when minute changes. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#436796](
+ Applets/systray: align applet labels with differing line counts in hidden view. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#438347](
+ Show panel config above other windows. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450794](
+ Use current accent colour to set ColorDialog object in colour picker. [Commit.](
+ SystemDialog: Allow accepting the dialogs with the keyboard. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450223](
+ Applets/systemtray: Do not open context menu on mouse pressed for SNI. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#409768](
+ Revert "Fix overdraw on Wayland". [Commit.](
+ Startkde: Forward stdout/stderr of started processes. [Commit.](
+ SDDM theme: stop eliding people's names so aggressively. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450673](
+ Applets/digital-clock: Word-wrap date string for desktop representation. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450632](
+ Wrap completely the invariants timer in NDEBUG. [Commit.](
+ ScreenPool as the source of truth of QScreen info. [Commit.](
+ Always ensure there is an user selected. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#450182](
+ Prevent panel going out of screen boundaries. [Commit.]( See bug [#438114](
+ Applets/clipboard: Focus on text area when transition is done. [Commit.](
+ Applets/clipboard: Fix highlight after exiting edit mode. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Powerdevil" href="" >}}
+ Improved backlight devices selection. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#399646](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="System Settings" href="" >}}
+ App/SettingsBase: Fix systemsettings unable to start when missing plugin. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#451054](
+ ModuleView: Simplify and fix custom headers logic. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
date: 2022-03-08
changelog: 5.24.2-5.24.3
layout: plasma
video: false
asBugfix: true
draft: true
version: "5.24.3"
title: "KDE Plasma 5.24.3, bugfix Release"
type: info/plasma5
signer: Jonathan Esk-Riddell
signing_fingerprint: D7574483BB57B18D
draft: true
This is a bugfix release of KDE Plasma, featuring Plasma Desktop and
other essential software for your computer. Details in the
[Plasma 5.24.3 announcement](/announcements/plasma/5/5.24.3).
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