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feat: Add webpage for Plasma 5.23.5

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title: Plasma 5.23.5 complete changelog
version: 5.23.5
hidden: true
plasma: true
type: fulllog
{{< details title="Bluedevil" href="" >}}
+ Show connected but non-paired devices. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#432715](
+ [kcm] Fix device type detection for AudioVideo devices. [Commit.](
+ [sendfile] Use error icon that actually exists. [Commit.](
+ Save bluetooth status on teardown. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#445376](
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{{< details title="Breeze" href="" >}}
+ [kstyle] Fix logic error in drawIndicatorButtonDropDownPrimitive. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="breeze-gtk" href="" >}}
+ Gtk3: custom GTK properties are case sensitive. [Commit.](
+ Gtk3, gtk4: don't treat buttons with icons as toolbuttons. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Discover" href="" >}}
+ Flatpak: Properly fetch the version we are upgrading to. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#447033](
+ Flatpak: Properly filter installed apps. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#446501](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="KWin" href="" >}}
+ Fix memory leak in some plasma components. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#444429]( Fixes bug [#444381]( Fixes bug [#444077]( Fixes bug [#444306](
+ XDGShellClient: Protect from invalid frameGeometry on updateDecoration. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#445140](
+ Input: set tablet cursor hotspot. [Commit.](
+ Platforms/drm: remove the dpms filter when outputs are added. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#446699](
+ Scripting: Fix type of KWinComponents.Workspace. [Commit.](
+ Autotests: Add a test that checks one possible corner case during xdg-toplevel initialization. [Commit.](
+ Wayland: Resize the client to last requested client size if decoration is destroyed. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#444962](
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{{< details title="libksysguard" href="" >}}
+ Handle process parent changes in ProcessDataModel. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#446534](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Desktop" href="" >}}
+ I forgot to git commit --amend before pushing, whoops. [Commit.](
+ [kcms/keyboard] Fix setting options on X11. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#443609](
+ [kcms/keyboard] Fix fallback handling in X11Helper::getGroupNames. [Commit.]( See bug [#433265](
+ SwitcherBackend: Only create the workaround window on wayland. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#443968](
+ Touchpad KCM: Don't write default values to active config. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#427771](
+ Change ListView code to match GridView. [Commit.](
+ Fix GridView size/position. [Commit.](
+ Move plasmoid specific properties out of singleton. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#443131](
+ Kcms/touchpad/applet: Fix mousearea lookup. [Commit.](
+ Containments/panel: Fix initial sizing. [Commit.](
+ Kcms/touchpad/applet: Make the popup close on click. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#445982](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Audio Volume Control" href="" >}}
+ Fixes toggling Configure button on click. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Phone Components" href="" >}}
+ Panel: Fix SIM Locked being shown when no sim is inserted. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Systemmonitor" href="" >}}
+ Add comma separated filtering to ApplicationsTableView. [Commit.](
+ ApplicationsTable: Remove unneeded ProcessSortFilterModel. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#445544](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Plasma Workspace" href="" >}}
+ Applets/systemtray: Follow panel opacity. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#439025](
+ [webshortcutsrunner] Fix private browsing with some Firefoxes. [Commit.](
+ [kcms/style] Don't call setNeedsSave when style config changes. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#439297](
+ Digital-clock: fix calendar popup contrast when opened from desktop. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#446991](
+ [libnotificationmanager] Fix memory leak. [Commit.](
+ [kcms/lookandfeel] Guard reading invalid first entry. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#446100](
+ [Global Menu] Set translation domain. [Commit.](
+ Lookandfeel: Add missing check if list of files is empty. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#439797](
+ [KSplash] Start with zero opacity. [Commit.](
+ Fix Klipper Actions content truncation. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#444365](
+ [klipper] Use full text for DBus return values. [Commit.]( Fixes bug [#446441](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="Powerdevil" href="" >}}
+ Powerprofileconfig: Use m_profileCombo as the watcher's parent. [Commit.]( See bug [#443858](
{{< /details >}}
{{< details title="xdg-desktop-portal-kde" href="" >}}
+ Close screencast session when we stop streaming. [Commit.](
{{< /details >}}
date: 2022-01-04
changelog: 5.23.4-5.23.5
layout: plasma
video: true
asBugfix: true
draft: true
version: "5.23.5"
title: "KDE Plasma 5.23.5, bugfix Release"
type: info/plasma5
signer: Jonathan Esk-Riddell
signing_fingerprint: D7574483BB57B18D
draft: true
This is a bugfix release of KDE Plasma, featuring Plasma Desktop and
other essential software for your computer. Details in the
[Plasma 5.23.5 announcement](/announcements/plasma/5/5.23.5).
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