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<img alt="Not a Programmer" class="img-fluid" src="assets/img/involved-header.png"/>
<h4 class="letter-head mt-3">
KDE Connect is a perfect project to start contributing to KDE. You will need a basic understanding of programming concepts, the rest can be picked up on the go. Experience with Android or Qt is beneficial but not needed. Not a programmer? We have other roles too. You can also contribute to other KDE Projects and Groups. We want to make it easy to get involved with the community. Many in the community are ready to help out new contributors. You can find them on the mentoring page.&nbsp; Many of them hangout in chatrooms and Telegram. Feel free to ask them any question you may have!
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ features:
h2_class: ring-desc
h1_content: Ring your phone. Know your battery level.
h2_content: >
Forgot where you kept your phone? It happens to all of us. Ring it and find
Forgot where you left your phone? It happens to all of us. Ring it and find
where it is. Additionally, your phone battery level is visible directly from your Desktop.
webp: assets/img/ring.webp
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