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name: Manifesto
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title: Le manifesto de KDE
<div class="text">We are a community of technologists, designers, writers and advocates who work to ensure freedom for all people through our software. Because of this work we have come to value:</div>
<span class="value">Open Governance</span> to ensure engagement in our leadership and decision processes;
<span class="value">Free Software</span> to ensure the result of our work is available to all people for all time;
<span class="value">Inclusivity</span> to ensure that all people are welcome to join us and participate;
<span class="value">Innovation</span> to ensure that new ideas constantly emerge to better serve people;
<span class="value">Common Ownership</span> to ensure that we stay united;
<span class="value">End-User Focus</span> to ensure our work is useful to all people.
<div class="text">That is, in pursuit of our goal, we have found these items essential to define and stay true to ourselves.</div>
<div class="addendum">From those values we derived the <a href="../benefits">benefits</a> and <a href="../commitments">commitments</a> of a KDE Project.</div>
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name: Beneficios
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other: commitments
title: Beneficios de un Projecto de KDE
Esser parte del communitate international de KDE transmitte certe beneficios:
* Star sur le spatulas de gigantes
* Face uso de infrastructura de KDE pro ospitar projecto
* Beneficioo ab le experientia del sysadmins de KDE
* Obtene supporto ab le plus grande communitate con disveloppamento, documentation, traduction, probar, gerer faltas, etc.
* Usa opportunitte a integrar con un grande ecosystema de productos de usator-final
* Interaction con equipas que valores commun, ducente a pollinisation cruciate de ideas e innovationes.
* Gaude de representation e supporto per KDE e.V.
* Participa in Akademy e altere eventos de KDE
* Recipe supporto financiari e organisative
* Know that your trademarks can be secured
* Know that your licensing wishes can be protected via the [Fiduciary Licensing Agreement](
* Increase your visibility through the reputation of the KDE community and KDE promotion tools such as:
* pushing project announcements to the Dot and employing other KDE promotion channels
* having your project reachable through a subdomain under
* having a \#kde-<projectname\> IRC channel on the Libera Chat network
* using KDE as an umbrella brand to associate with the KDE community for communication on web sites and other channels
other: Beneficios de un Projecto de KDE
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