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intro: Okular is available as a precompiled package in a wide range of platforms. You can check the package status for your Linux distro on the right or keep reading for info on other operating systems
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    - name: Linux
      image: /images/tux.png
      image_alt: Tux
      text: "Okular is already available on most Linux distributions. You can install it from the [KDE Software Center]("
    - name: Flatpak
      image: /images/flatpak.png
      image_alt: Flatpak logo
      text: "You can install the latest [Okular Flatpak]( from Flathub. Experimental Flatpaks with nightly builds of Okular can be [installed from the KDE Flatpak repository]( )."
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    - name: Release Sources
      image: /images/ark.svg
      image_alt: Ark logo
      text: "Okular is released regularly as part of KDE Applications. If you want to build from source, you can check the [Build It section](/build-it)."
    - name: Windows
      image: /images/windows.svg
      image_alt: Windows logo
      text: "Have a look at the [KDE on Windows initiative]( for information on how to install KDE Software on Windows. The stable release is available on the [Microsoft Store]( There are also [experimental nightly builds](, for which testing and bug reports would be welcome."
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