Commit 4bf764dc authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid
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Remove FAQ about "how to send modifications to friends"

Nowadays Okular is very noisy when you try to quit without saving, so
once you have saved a file it's clear what you have to send to friends
so they see your modifications

BUGS: 431888
parent b6f5705a
......@@ -44,20 +44,6 @@ i18n_var("in the build directory of Okular. Then run cmake again, and all should
$faq->addSection( i18n_var("General usage") );
$faq->addQuestion( i18n_var("How can I annotate a document and send it to a friend/colleague/etc?"),
i18n_var("Since KDE 4.2, Okular has the \"document archiving\" feature. This is
an Okular-specific format for carrying the document plus various metadata
related to it (currently only annotations).").
i18n_var("You can save a \"document archive\" from the open document by choosing \"File
-&gt; Export As -&gt; Document Archive\".").
i18n_var("To open an Okular document archive, just open it with Okular as it would be eg
a PDF document.").
i18n_var("If you're annotating a PDF document, you can also save annotations
directly in the PDF file (see previous question)"), "annotateandsendtofriend" );
$faq->addQuestion( i18n_var("Using Ubuntu, I cannot read CHM and EPub documents,
even if I have okular-extra-backends and libchm1 installed. Why?"),
i18n_var("Ubuntu (thus Kubuntu as well) packages of Okular are compiled without
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