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SVN_SILENT regenerate from .po

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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ $text["Binary packages"] = "Pacchetti binari";
$text["The recommended way for end-user installations of Okular is using binary packages:"] = "Il modo raccomandato per l'installazione di Okular da parte dell'utente finale è l'uso dei pacchetti binari:";
$text["For GNU/Linux and the BSDs use the package manager to find the Okular package (might be part of the broader kdegraphics package) and install it."] = "Per i sistemi GNU/Linux e BSD usa il gestore di pacchetti per trovare il pacchetto di Okular (potrebbe far parte del pacchetto kdegraphics) e installalo.";
$text["For Windows have a look at the <a href=''>KDE on Windows Initiative</a> webpage for information on how to install KDE Software on Windows. The stable release is available on the <a href=''>Microsoft Store</a>. There are <a href=''>experimental nightly builds</a> as well. Please test and send patches."] = "Per i sistemi Windows vedi la pagina <a href=''>Iniziativa KDE su Windows</a> per informazioni su come installare software KDE su Windows. Il rilascio stabile è disponibile nel <a href=''>Microsoft Store</a>. Esistono anche <a href=''>nightly build sperimentali</a>. Analizzale e invia patch.";
$text["For macOS have a look at the <a href=''>KDE on macOS</a> webpage for information on how to install KDE Software on macOS."] = "Per informazioni su come installare software KDE su macOS, vedi la pagina wiki della <a href=''>Comunità KDE per Mac</a>.";
$text["Packaging status"] = "Stato dei pacchetti";
$text["N.B: The table above refers to the KDE Applications release version that Okular was part of. The actual Okular version as reported by the About dialog is different, e.g. Okular 1.2.1 was released as part of KDE Applications 17.08.1 and would should up with such number in the table."] = "N.B.: la tabella sopra riportata si riferisce al rilascio di KDE Applications nella versione di cui Okular faceva parte. La reale versione di Okular, come riportata nella finestra di dialogo Informazioni su, è diversa, per es. Okular 1.2.1 è stato rilasciato come parte di KDE Applications 17.08.1 e nella tabella dovrebbe comparire con tale numero.";
$text["Compiling Okular from source"] = "Compilazione di Okular da sorgente";
......@@ -115,6 +115,8 @@ $text["Team"] = "Команда";
$text["Related apps/projects"] = "Похожие приложения/проекты";
$text["Free Software PDF readers"] = "Свободные приложения для чтения PDF";
$text["Okular news"] = "Новости Okular";
$text["Okular 1.10 released"] = "Выпущен Okular 1.10";
$text["April 23, 2020"] = "23 апреля 2020 г.";
$text["Okular 1.9 released"] = "Выпущен Okular 1.9";
$text["December 12, 2019"] = "12 декабря 2019";
$text["The 1.9 version of Okular has been released. This release introduces cb7 support for ComicBook archives, improved JavaScript support for PDF files among various other fixes and small features. You can check the full changelog at <a href=''></a>. Okular 1.9 is a recommended update for everyone using Okular."] = "Выпущена версия Okular 1.9. В этом выпуске добавлена поддержка архивов ComicBook в формате cb7, улучшена поддержка сценариев JavaScript для файлов в формате PDF, а также выполнено множество устранений ошибок и небольших улучшений. Ознакомиться с полным списком изменений возможно на <a href=''>соотвествующей странице</a>. Рекомендуется выполнить обновление используемой версии приложения Okular до версии 1.9.";
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