Commit b6f5705a authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid
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Remove FAQ that says that by default okular saves annotations somewhere random in disk

parent a5963e09
......@@ -44,16 +44,6 @@ i18n_var("in the build directory of Okular. Then run cmake again, and all should
$faq->addSection( i18n_var("General usage") );
$faq->addQuestion( i18n_var("Why the newly added annotations are not in my PDF document?"),
i18n_var("By default, Okular saves annotations in the local data directory
for each user. Since KDE 4.9, it's optionally possible to store them directly in
a PDF file by choosing \"File -> Save As...\", so they can be seen in other
PDF viewers.").
i18n_var("Note that this feature requires Poppler 0.20 or newer for regular PDF
documents. If the PDF document you are annotating is encrypted, this feature
requires Poppler 0.22 or newer."), "addedannotationsinpdf" );
$faq->addQuestion( i18n_var("How can I annotate a document and send it to a friend/colleague/etc?"),
i18n_var("Since KDE 4.2, Okular has the \"document archiving\" feature. This is
an Okular-specific format for carrying the document plus various metadata
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